Fs/ft One drop Project, Vosun koreyoshi, ilyy lio.

All prices include shipping and paypal fees in the continental us. International shipping can be discussed for additional fees. If you need more photos i can email them or message them on facebook. Also all throws are smooth.

Take them all for 180

One Drop Project
Few marks worst shown. Have box. 70$


Vosun koreyoshi, lightly sparked. Solddddd


Ilyy lio, scratches and scuffs all over. Couple marks other then that. Not a prick, not necessarily a ding either. 45$


Trade wants:
(would prefer no solid colorways, blues take preference) :
-turning point bi metals
-clyw- chief, borealis, kayak, kodiak
-yyf- starry night 888, jason lee.11
-spyy- pistelero, addiction 2
-ilyy- lio (better condition), wasabi, st eel, or fury