FS/FT: OG Gm2 & CLYW LF: Irony, BPZL, SDH5

Hey guys. As the title says, I got these yoyos for sale:

Grind Machine 2 - OG & mint with the original bearing and box. Throw only a couple times. Dead smooth. Stacks included. Great for any YYF collector. - $85 shipped

C3 Halo - MIB. Suprisingly tiny vibe for a delrin. Great player, unlike any other delrin out there. Gold hub. No pics, but if you request, I will take. - $40 shipped GONE

Matterhorn Avalanche - Smoothest CLYW ever. MIB. Copper w/ green splash. Great player. Will be sad to see this one go. - $100 shipped

Bassalope - LB. Near mint with box, nothing that breaks the anno. This one is also very smooth. Great. - 50 shipped PENDING

Buy 2 or more and save.

Each package will go out via Priority Mail w/ confirmation next day.

Werrd IRONY - Especially the silver ones from Worlds. - Will trade BIG in your favor.
H5 - Really want a purple Save Deth Ed.
BPZL - will trade BIG in your favor.

Or anything else, just shoot me a PM.

Need to post pix.