Fs/ft od 54 and Gradient

Od valor (no black, no brown)
Duncan barracuda (solid colors)
C3 krown
C3 berserker ss
Nikon lenses

Not interested in summits or other side effect yoyos

Ill trade multiple yoyos and or cash for those throws. Offer anything i might consider it

Next up - Green 54 - Signed by Jensen kemmit, Guy wright, and someone else. Few pinpricks

partly stormy Gradient- $75 mint
Black 54 is gone

Thanks for looking



Hey there,

I have a Asteroid Chief and a LE DV888 Splash for sale. If you are interested in buying let me know and I will provide more I go and pics. I am not up for trades at this moment in time.



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Hey I got an 888 its beat soo il sale cheap


Bumppyy. Updated the wants list.

PMd yesterday

Come on guys! Lookin for offers!

Bump1 feel free to give free bumps :smiley:

Bump really need to get rid of this stuff

Bump need cash now

Bump please buy

I need to sell this stuff please!

Bump its been a while

PM Sent

bump I really want my wants

Help me buy a new lens also have a gradient fs

Fs please buy trying to buy a new lens