FS/FT: Nickel Code 2, Solar, and more!

Looking to clear out some of the things in my collection that I’m not using as much. Mostly looking for cash, here.


Nickel Code 2–Near Mint. One tiny mark I can find, can’t even feel it. I’ll throw in a bunch of side effects, too. $85 shipped.
Damage: http://imageshack.us/a/img15/4042/img0573i.jpg

Blue 54–GONE


4A Throws:


Top Row:

Fiesta 1st Run–GONE

Fiesta XX–Plays great. One of the caps has a super-tiny crack, it’s shown in the picture, but you can hardly see it in person. Crack makes a tiny noise. Plays awesome, though. $20 shipped.

Bottom Row:

Solar–Some 4A marks, but nothing crazy. Plays super well. $60 shipped.

Go Big–Don’t think this has any 4A marks, considering the rubber rims. Plays well, but it’s just not my style. $20 shipped.

Peak (FGs welcome :slight_smile: )