FS/FT My entire collection (Chief, Code2, Positron inside)(CLYW, OD, TP)

So here is my entire collection :slight_smile: I also have a MIB Northern Lights 2nd run chief and a very very very near mint Clown Town Grizzly Peak coming in the mail! I ship worldwide. I only accept money through paypal. Looking mainly for good trades on these throws!
MPD 32/ MPD 26
GoPro HdHero 2

Here are the throws :)))

One Drop Code2 Nautilus
Mint In Box, one half is a yoyoexpert edition and the other half is a subterranean edition, plays incredible!

YYF Mutant DNA Green Purple Acid + BombSquad edition DNA
Both are mint in box. They both play AMAZING!!!

Turning Point Positron Aqua Marble
Mint in box, amazing player like all positrons, looks epic!

Turning Point Solenoid Gold Marble
Mint In Box, looks awesome, plays great! Nothing else to say…

CLYW Chief Gold 1st Run
4 tiny marks, plays great, the marks didn’t affect the play so there is absolutely NO vibe!

One Drop Fade To Jade Code 1
4 tiny pinpricks, they don’t effect the play so once again, there is no vibe on the string! Plays awesome like all code 1’s ;D

yeah, so just don’t be afraid to offer, I will reply to EVERYONE :smiley: I don’t get mad easily ahahaha especially over the internet! I have 2 more feedback at YYN, my name on YYN is fkarpenko

about how much are you wanting for the chief or the code2?