FS/FT: Near Mint 08 G5

i have a near mint olive green 08 g5 id like to trade, its super smooth, very stable, but just a bit too thin for my taste. it has recessed red sili that i put in (and is much better than clear flowable in my opinion)



there i 1 tiny tiny scratch that you can only really see if you have it at the right angle in the sun, this is the best pic i could get of it, also both the of the stacks (the white plastic part just to be clear) were cracked when i got it but i put super glue on the cracks and its fine now


WANTS: (mint or near mint)
GM2 (the 2nd run that has the thicker walls, i believe its called the GM2.2)
im open to other offers

and if you want to buy im thinking $90 shipped (usa paypal only)

pm me if interested :wink: