FS/FT My whole collection FS/FT LF Itouch and modern warefare 2 (xbox 360)


Selling my collection, not quiting but i wanna sell to get new yoyos, Itouch, Clothes and A new baseball glove so help me out guys.

Caribou Lodge Yoyoworks Wooly Marmot
Super smooth
$110 or $105 if u pay in canadian cash envelope

Midnight Blue YYF Frantic
2 scuffs and 1 little scratch
No Box Smooth
$50 or $45 Canadian Cash

YYJ Axiom Black
Has like 1 ding and couple really small pin pricks
No box Really smooth
$50 or $45 Canadian Cash

M1 red/black half gold nut have silver(still plays like regular m1)
2 dings and some small scuffs
No box
$40 or $35 Canadian Cash
these dont sell in stores so get it now

Ano black groovy tfl 88
Couple little ding scuffs, dont no if its one or the other
So Smooth
Comes with the puzle one pieace broke of though and comes with beefcake and the gold rings to make it single bearing
70$ $65 can cash

MAYB L3 gotta find out if i can trade it still

Ill make a vid on the condition of the yoyos. Save 5 bucks for every other yoyo u get. Save on multiple buys . Add $5 for shipping please. Will trade like 2-3 yoyos for an itouch

TRADES (really want)
Baseball glove
Modern warefare 2

just offer
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Pm`d you!!! :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D

(system) #3