FS/FT: MFD, SF, SK, Recess, CLYW Chief & Cliff, G2 Pelican


Up for sale or trade are:

Near Mint-in-box MFD Pixelape in Silverback Tiger. Near mint without any marks. Tiny bit of fingernail vibe. $95

Near Mint-in-pouch SF SF SB edition. Near mint to be safe, perfectly smooth. $55

Near Mint-in-box SK in black. I put in a Buddha Whipple bearing (can’t get into the flats). Throw is near mint to be safe, new bearing has less than an hour of play time on it. No marks and perfectly smooth. $50

NMTBS Recess Snack. Light green (lime green?) colorway. Looks mint and plays smooth. Tiny little speed demon! $45

CLYW Cryo Chief - NMTBS, looks in perfect condition with only a tiny bit of fingernail vibe. $115

CLYW 28 Stories Cliff - NM, has one tiny mark that did not break ano (see last pic). $115

G2 BAP Pelican (Glitch) - MIB, glitch for ano and fingernail vibe. $85

LF: G2 AL7 Elite (Midnight and swirls top priority), 2-for-1 on a Ti-Hawk, any G2 AL7 G2’s in general, splashes and swirls a plus! Price is for f&f and includes shipping, please include fee for g&s

Shipping is included in US, international pays the difference.

FS/FT: CLYW Chief Cryo NMTBS, CLYW Cliff 28 Stories NM, G2 BAP Pelican Glitch
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