FS/FT: MFD, Recess, G2 Pelican


Up for sale or trade are:

Near Mint-in-box MFD Pixelape in Silverback Tiger. Near mint without any marks. Tiny bit of fingernail vibe. $90

NMTBS Recess Snack. Light green (lime green?) colorway. Looks mint and plays smooth. Tiny little speed demon! $40

G2 BAP Pelican (Glitch) - MIB, glitch for ano and fingernail vibe. $85

LF: G2 AL7 Elite (Midnight and swirls top priority), or any G2 AL7’s in general, splashes and swirls a plus! Price is for f&f and includes shipping, please include fee for g&s

Shipping is included in US, international pays the difference.

FS/FT: CLYW Chief Cryo NMTBS, CLYW Cliff 28 Stories NM, G2 BAP Pelican Glitch
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