FS/FT Metal Drifter + Legacy + Turtle Beach Headset!

Hey guys. I’m mostly looking for cash but I will take trades.

First up is a siliconed Metal Drifter. Not my best sili job. A little is outside the groove. $20


Next is a flat rimmed Legacy. One side came out a bit better than the other. The sili is coming out. I’ll re-silicone it before I ship. Has some marks. $10.

I have PayPal but I will accept cash in the mail.


Finally I have a like-new Turtle Beach Ear Force x11. Comes with everything you need for the XBox or PC. I believe you can use it for the PS3 as well but don’t hold me to that. It has 11 times amplified sound. Games sound amazing. You can hear silenced shots from half way across the map. $90+ new so… I’ll do $60 on it. The ear cuffs might be a bit worn from the velcrow.


$10 shipped???

I’d do $15 shipped. It’s signed by Eric Koloski(Spelling?).

good spelling, ill think about it