FS/FT: M1 and Bassline

The Bassline and M1 are all I have left. I’d trade them both for one nice throw. I ship via USPS with tracking.

1. Onedrop Fade to Jade P2 – Only 15 were made. Near mint. Couple very minor flat spots, nothing that breaks anno. Very rare and beautiful while spinning. pending to moefv for a mint 28 stories wooly marmot

2. Onedrop Copperwood Y Factor – Such a beautiful anno in person. Can’t find anything wrong with it but I’ll say its near mint. traded to mrsquirrel for ronin

3. Onedrop NQP Caferacer – Light brown with a black splash. NQP due to having a slight anno imperfection in the hub area. 40 obo

4. 3yo3 Blue Bassline – Only imperfection is a tiny mark that cannot be pictured or felt on one of the halves. Great throw, read a review on the forum.

5. Onedrop purple/red M1 – Beater, smooth and marks on it don’t affect play at all. Smooth soda blasted grinds. Great pocket throw.

Cash via paypal
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If you can’t find anything wrong with it, why is it near mint?

Good question, thanks for the inquiry. Its because its been used more than once and in my opinion that makes it near mint. Bump for major price drops today. :slight_smile: