FS/FT: Kentaro superstar, AYCEs, Werrd Hour 2k13, a la mode, protostar, pro.

Shipping will come with tracking number

I accept paypal, cash, or check.

Superstar: Kentaro edition, pruple blue acid wash, made in USA, awesome colorway, has a ring on the inside of one cup where the ano faded from doing a thumb grind (the ano comes off fairly easily due to the 7075 aluminum, you can just barely see it in the first picture), has a minor scuff on each side(I’ll add pics of those soon). plays amazing, perfectly smooth. $105

Werrd Hour 2k13: Silver with blue splash. Brand new. $50 shipped

A.Y.C.E: Green, has 3a marks, some marks along the rims and stuff, no real dings or anything. $30

Protostar: Half red half edge glow, although the arrows don’t line up, its crazy smooth, red half has a light scrape on the red half. $20

A la mode: The red/gold sunrise fade color, has one scratch, few flat spots that don’t break ano. $60

Pro: The red flame looking colorway, has some damage all over the place. $30

clear throw monkey: mint in box, never opened, i think it has the pad recess. $13

Loop 900 pair: first run white, made in usa! play amazing, comes with one key, they work perfectly fine, have tiny cracks on the side that don’t affect play. Pictures are at the bottom. $35


what about you no.9 how much are you selling that for and why is there no bearing?

For the flanger and rextreme and big yo for a dsi

Please, gentle reminder. Negotiations for BST should really be done via private messages. Thank you for your understanding here in regards to this issue.

Uhm… you do know that you can get a Leviathan 2 for less than $180 brand new right? Or is the orange some rare color?

they’re 190 on another japanese website.

Hi, do you ship to Canada?


Check your PMs please.

i have a teal/blue phenomizm with 24k gold rims i would trade for the leviathan

you dont reply to your pms very well…

How much for your nova?

Are you looking to buy an Echo or trade for one? Because I have a mint blue one I’m selling

Do you still have the green yoyo for $20 on sale?

Can i get your itunes card for $35?