FS/FT JO, 09 severe, 2 addictions, Superstar, +more

hey guys, i just realized that i dont need most of these yoyos because they dont get the play they deserve. so basically looking for money unless you have something SPECIFIED on my wants list. all prices include shipping


Flip Video Camera- $60- USB built right in, shoots pretty good video.

BBYY Juvenile Offender-$55- Red/clear MINT except for a TINY little pinprick.

09 Severe- $50- blue acid wash. light 3a marks, maybe like 15 marks, previous owner glued in the caps, plays really good

Addiction-$65-brown acid wash, MINT, smoothest yoyo i own

Protostar-$23- smooth for a protostar, red, awesome

Hayabusa$10 shipped- $5 W/ purchase with another yoyo, RARELY played

FHZ/FIESTA hub mod- offer- England1414 modded, basically showing this off

Phenom Caps- forgot to throw this in the package with the phenom, ask for details

↓↓↓For Sale ONLY↓↓↓

Addiction-$55- pink acid wash, some damage, NO VIBE

Superstar- $45- one of the best playing superstars ive tried, custom ano, no stacks, some damage

Glownasty-$15- plays really good, glows in the dark O0

Kickside-$15-England1414 put in custom Nstar weightrights, makes it play a WHOLE lot better, really nice

Velocity-$10- $5 w/ purchase/trade with another yoyo

DreadnoughtG- $100- clear ano, a little hairline scratch, plays realy nice traded with swatnoodle

-smooth p2/y-factor/Cafe Racer/Deitz
-crucial confection/delicious
-spyy soloris/pro/punchline
-CYYC manimal/XL/ Heavy Hitter
-Duncan Echo/metropolis
-werdd irony/poo/johnny 5/anti-superstar
-cheap g5
-c3yydesign h5/darkstar/trident
-Crucial Jirorian
-yoyos must be SMOOOTHH