FS/FT gen-yo, yyf

For trade or for sale. Prices shipped in the US.

General-yo BA Majesty extremely small pinprick (bottom pic right rim) on grey half. $85

Generl-yo KLR comp grade. with box small mark looks like chip in paint (on right rim in middle where the light is) next to an extremely small flatspot (can’t see in pic) $85

YYF yuuksta, no damage I can find. $45

YYF 7075 Catalyst, no damage I can find. $50

Clyw/OD summit Orange, mint. w/ box traded
One drop benchmark 2013 V shape, mint, with box. traded
One drop benchmark 2013 H shape pink, mint traded
clyw artic circle sold
sleipnir sold
General-yo M-10 pink moon. mint barely used, with box. traded
Clyw Chief 1 ding 2 scuffs / flatspots both on rim and hard to see in pictures, with box. Damage does not effect play, smooth. sold
Clyw Cliff Ninja Hurdles.

Sorry, I think I fixed the issue with people not being able to see pictures. Let me know if it’s not working still.

bump, added sasquatch

added sleipnir, ac1, and borealis

like sleipnir and ac1 how much for them?

could you give me a message?want the sleipnir and ac