FS/FT: G2 Elite & Things. New Wants and Pics Added


WretchedRapture’s BST
Ships within the US only. Sorry, guys. Please message me with offers. All prices include shipping. Rushed these pics, and they came out a little dark. If you want a better look, let me know! Will do bundle deals if you’re interested in multiples.

Wants List:
Deadly Spins Wrath (Purple and Blue w/ Green Splash Colorway Only)
Sengoku Hattori
OD Cascade
FD Stale Bread
FD Cardboard Steamboat
A-RT Sparrow
A-RT Quail

For Sale or Trade

G2 2018 AL7 Elite w/ Brass Rings - One pinprick on rim. Offer.

Yoyo Empire Little Fox II - Mint. Undersized Bimetal. $30 Shipped.

Hubless Bite Size - Mint. $45 Shipped.

Yoyofactory GenXS - Mint. $30 Shipped.

Recess Little League - Mint. $35 Shipped.

Best overall Yo-Yo for about 50$
(David Hough) #12

PM sent

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(Patrick Dressel) #22

I saw this and thought the motivation was the Organic Mowl throw.

Still some nice throws. That hubless color is nice

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Bump. New stuff added!

(David Hough) #25

PM sent.

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(Bear) #26

PM`D you

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Make me an offer I can’t refuse. Price drop on the Breeze.


Watermelon fades are super classy

(Jon) #38

I just read c3 as cLYW3

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Why you no buy the things? I needs monies to buy more of the things.

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I relate so hard with this

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