FS/FT Flow/TooHot/ PWave LF Horizon / Wedge

Hello Offer are welcomes. I don’t intend to do international shipping, so sorry to those not in the US. It is just very pricey unless you are willing to compensate. If you’re buying Paypal is preferred. I’m open to offers other than the ones on my list.
ADD $5 for shipping if it doesn’t say shipped thanks
Decide not to put up all the pictures because it would take a whole lot of space, so for more pictures click here

gamma crash

Nickeled throws is interesting as well

Thanks for browsing!

MYY D5 sprite gold (glow in the dark) w/ ripple bearing no marks or damage light vibe fun $15

B-Grade Dark Sonic green good condition some flat spots Bgrade for ano flaw smooth 30 shipped

CZM8 gold w/ black splash played but no damage $30 shipped

Toohot prototype gray with pink splash - two flat spot w/ centertrac bearing $35 Shipped

P-wave green/blue w/center trac bearing one scratch some pinprick $60 Shipped

SD Flow old version B-Grade Red/clear with box no damage smooth $45 shipped

YYO Hatchet II
great condition black/blue/silver smooth 40(shipped)

The following will be hard to get from me

(B-grade)Smooth move with pouch soda blasted one pinpck and just need some polishing OFFER

Here are some other throws that are rather beat but still play fine
doesn’t effect on play
Pictures can be found in the link at toward the top of this thread, if there no pictures pm me I get them up soon Ty
SuperG baby blue it very used many marks, vibe, and little stripped (beat) offer
Alpha Crash Purple played but no damage

Deal Sweetner

Lyn fury blue / black no caps

In case it was missed ADD $5 for shipping if it doesn’t say shipped thanks

If you are interested in any of the throws and have questions feel free to PM me or request pictures

ODxCLYW Summit Purple Mint w/ Box Gone
YYF MVP half purple half brown with splash smooth Sold to nyan
Old Genesis+ Half Aqua/ Half gold some kind of acidwash w/ concave bearing traded
Duncan Barracuda Red good condition no marks smooth Sold
YYF yuuksta black with blue splash Sold to gibl3t
RecRev Neuae Lime w/ 10 ball bearing 1 ding 2 flatspot 1 scratch Sold to ThrowyoTrav
Code2 - Red beat smooth sold to ThrowyoTrav
Magic YoYo N12 red w/ Konkave bearing very good condition no damage smooth Gone
YYF Equilateral Sliver black acidwash Gone
ODxCLYW WoolyMarkmont 4 dings one flat spot some scratches very smooth
Speeder2 red ding one metal ring sold to Yoyoyakuza
C3 Capless Green with Purple speckles smooth a few marks trade to Carsonel88
Supernova 2011 Jason Lee edition Sold to Johnny
SPYY Supra gold dust colorway vibe beat w/ 10 ball bearing sold to DoubleBass
Gnarwhal Clareview station colorway 2 scuff and 2-3 small pinpricks fantastic throw really smooth sold to anmo
Avalanche FG purple mint come with box traded for flow(B) to Awl
Green/ Blue Superstar No stacks sold to yo_shi
FG Mint Cool Ghoul Chief w/ Center Trac bearing & box sold to Stephen101b
Code2 Mint with box Purple/Sliver/Pink sold to Stephen101b
NQP Red Code1 w/ black SE $50 Shipped OBO sold to J Singh 2K
Traded Sasquatch for Cascade to mrtheblackho

I sent you a message and you didn’t respond.

i have a gold halo mint. you interested?

Nice B/S/T

Did you get My Pm?

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hey i have a dr. b summit for trade i am interested in the dark sonic and p wave