FS/FT Duncan Strix! YYF Cypher! lf: monies and maybe trades.

Duncan Strix. a few dings and the tiiiiiniest vibe. Really solid player. Pretty too. 35 shipped? Offer.

OD Gradient. Plays smooth and is mint. Very fun throw. 65 shipped OBO GONEGONEGONE

YYF Cypher. Very very smooth. Solid. Stable. Great player.
gonna miss it. 45 shipped.

fixed axle stuff
cool plastics
CLYW, OD, YYR, G2…(b grade is welcomed and probably preferred.)

PM me if you have something I might be interested in trading for. I’m super open to hearing any and all offers.

Up. Seriously, offer anything. Stacked yyf would be cool. I could add cash for other things too.