FS/FT: Duncan Raptor + glow nasty $55 shipped, and nyyr stuff


Up for grabs is a 120gb 2.5" SATA drive, It is in great condition, it also has the casing for a ps3 slim at the moment, but will work on other things as well. will not work with the fat ps3. when you install it, you will need to format it though. It has been tested, and I will try it again before I send it.
$25 or best offer shipped.

EDIT: Ok, I was told that this could work in an older ps3. The hard drive would still need bo be formated, but all you need to do is change the case.

Now also up is the game Perfect Dark Zero (for xbox 360). It is in great shape, and it is the special collectors edition (metal case). It has the book, a glyph thing, and the other things in the pics.There are little, if any, scratches.

My duncan Raptor. It’s a Great yoyo from Duncan, and uses a large bearing and silicone response (not pads) It’s almost dead smooth, and I’m just putting it up to see what happens. There is 2 dings, and 3 scuffs, but nothing that affects play. It comes with the caps and 4 extra pads

The glow nasty is very near mint. It has one mark that I found. Also, one of the caps is loose, and idk why. it’s been like that since I had it. I am not selling this alone. ONLY with the Raptor. Comes with a flat bearing. I do not have pics yet.

buy one and get the game for $7

buy the raptor and Glow nasty for $55 shipped

I’ll add 10 string for $4 extra

Shipping is $3

Paypal Only!!!

I have 10 more feedback on YYN

Feel free to PM or respond in this thread.

If you see me in the chat, and you want to talk, feel free.

Mainly looking for cash, but feel free to offer anything (maybe even nyyr things)

If I say no, please don’t take offense, I’m not looking for too much in terms of new yoyos right now.

Gone or pending items

[s]My mint modded Y factor. It is a yoyo that was modded my RiceRocket. It has yellow hubstacks. It is raw and unengraved. It also has a spiral satin. Just an all around great yoyo. There is a slight vibe, but it is tiny. The stacks also have a slight vibe. There is also a shmoove ring on both sides.

$80$62[/s] Gone!!!

My blue Crucial half and half. This is a fun throw, and rare because of the blue. I guess it’s not for me, so it’s now up for grabs. I broke the bearing in. There is a slight vibe, but I tuned it the best I could. I’m not good at tuning, so you could tune it better. It’s not much to bother me though. There is a few tiny marks (factory mold marks I believe), but no scuffs or dings. For this reason I will label it as near mint with box. Great throw. 1 of 5
$68 $63 shipped
Gone to Local Friend




i will trade for mint condition gensis


the first run purple rain genesis it has some scratches but still plays very well but nvm i ment for the g5


nevermind i meant for the g5


to see the yoyo go to http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=GENESIS+YOYO+REVIEW+FROM+YOYOMAGICMAN&aq=f


sky chaser gold D bearing and boss b grade


i have a fiesta but its all marked and stuff

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do you still have the half and half and the y facto and if fo how much for both


umm, Why don’t we say $120? I’ll even add a couple strings in.


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