FS/FT Duncan Metal Drifter and Magic Yoyo's

I have a few throws that are just sitting around collecting dust that I’d like to move. I got the Smart-U and the T6 in a trade a while back, took them out of the box to photo–the Smart-U has a pinprick. The n8 and the Metal Drifter have a few pinpricks. The Metal Drifter has a single Ir Pad so it plays unresponsively. Nothing is mint but nothing is really damaged either. Looking for a trade or some cash. I’m open to whatever. Shoot me an offer.

Bump. I just want to get rid of this stuff.

Kind of a dumb offer but I’ll give you a velocity for the t6. Pm me if you’re interested. The velocity dials don’t work and it only plays responsive but its sdpins fine and I can perform decent tricks on it.

Bump. Just want the stuff gone.

Bump. Seriously, throw me an offer.