FS/FT: DS Wrath and 7075 Pride

FS/FT:  CLYW Chief, Elliot Jackson colorway.  SOLD


Deadly Spins Wrath, one ding, some ano rubs on the one half. Awesome colorway. Smooth.  $65

Deadly Spins Pride 7075, ding on one half, very shallow one on the other which is hard to spot.  Smooth.  $65

Deadly Spins MEGADEAL:  $100 for both

Additional Photos (including damages): https://www.flickr.com/photos/31020109@N04/sets/72157633427750810/

General Yo: KLR, Majesty, Prestige, Amplitude
CLYW: Bonfire, Puffin 2, 7075 Summit, Summit
C3: Movitation, Heartbeat, Apparition, Dymension
G-Squared: Triton, Aftershock
YYF:  07, 08 or 2011 888’s.  Maybe a purple acid Aviator, or a silver or pink shu-ta.
One Drop: Valor, Summit, Markmont: Classic
YoYoJam: Diamondback
Irony JP/JPX
YoYoEmpire: Rainfly  (Rainbow preferred)
open to other offers!

bump, insane deal.

added to the trade wants list.