FS/FT Draupnir


Draupnir - Dead smooth, plays amazing. A few very small marks on the rims that are hard to even get a picture of. SOLD

Trade wants: Mowl M+, Crucial Smoothie, Radius Nexus. I’m also open to anything Titanium.


I’ll buy it. Just send me your PayPal info. Thanks, Lee

(Jacob Waugh) #3

Is it sold?


Did Draupnir ever come in a not-boring colorway?


Most YYR, not just the Draupnir, were/ are solid. Solid and polished.


I guess YYR is all business… Even still, there are more visually appealing colors than black and clear.

(ClockMonsterLA) #7


Yep, they were thought of as the pinnacle of performance for their day, and obviously some designs are still standing. I never cut one in half, but I think part of their secret sauce was that they’d just go thinner in the hub than most manufacturers were willing, hence the short axle. They’d push as much of that 7075 to the rim as possible to maximize stability and spin time. Much like a sports car, you’re paying for performance

(Lorenzo Washington) #9

i have a smoothie.


Hey guys this just sold.