FS/FT: Custom One Drop Cosmic Galaxy 54 | Freshly Dirty: Dyed Mod44 Shells | Recess: Joyride | RAZER Anzu Bluetooth smartglasses

Hey all,

Updating the ol’ B/S/T thread. There’s some new stuff being added always.

Here’s the current list that’s available. Will update post as things become available or sell / trade.


Brands Models
One Drop 54, Cabal, Rebirth, Vtwo, Dang 2, Valor, Vanguard, Gauntlet, sugar glider, Clique, Silhouette, Lunar Eclipse, Diorama, Panorama, Thorn, anything else lmao!
Freshly Dirty Moldy bread, Stale Bread, Cardboard Steamboat, Untitled 20/20
The Good Life Mantra GOON edition, Breeze,
OhYesYo Hexada, Nightngale, Paradigm Shift, Hearse
Eternal Throw Curvy Donut Man
Radical Seas The Satyr, Siren V2, Oracle
Mowl Interested in most.
FlouTek Sumec
YoYoEmpire Ting, Lord of the rings, Cloudfly, Boreas pro/II/ clear only), Thorest, Fire Spirit, TiME

Feel free to offer something else you might think I’d be interested in. Above is just a general list of things I either like or want.

Prices are usually negotiable. Please keep in mind my prices include the shipping factored in already and I don’t ask for paypal fees.


Razer Anzu - Bluetooth Gaming Glasses | Asking Price $95 (shipped) (they retail for $200) ( product page)

These are some pretty sweet specs but unfortunately I’m not using them like I hoped I would. They are literally brand new I’ve worn them for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes and haven’t touched them sense.

The box still has the wrapper on it even! I thought I’d wear them when I wear contacts but I find myself wearing my regular glasses more and more. I haven’t found the contacts that suit me. So it just didn’t work out with my plan. I missed the return window so I thought I’d see if anyone on here might want them? I know there are a bunch of gamers and tech-heads on the forum, so if you’re looking for some “smart” bluetooth gaming sunglasses / blue blocking glasses, here you go!

They come with clear lenses and polarized sunglasses lenses. They filter blue light and are UV protected like regular high quality sunglasses. They feature bluetooth speakers and microphones built into the arms, touch sensitivity controls on each arm. Works with Apple iOS and Android as well as PC, Mac, and gaming devices. I paired it with my PS Vita and that’s primarily where I used them. The low latency audio works quite well.

Everything else is included as well. Case, lens cloth, charger cable,

Freshly Dirty | Mod44 Rims | Cruiser style - TWO sets! $12 for white and $15 for the dyed set. Prices include shipping. ( will trade for different shells )

I have two sets of brand spanking new - in - mint condition Cruiser rims for the Modular 44, and they have your name written all over them! One set is white and the other is custom dyed by me. They are an aqua blue-green color with a custom mask. I don’t like the size so I thought maybe someone out there might be interested in them. I’d be willing to trade for other mod44 rims. I’m open to all offers except for the big rig.

I really want the polycarb shells and of course the limited steel. (i can dream lol!)

Recess: Joyride | Orange |-| Price: $20 (shipped)
These are super-duper fun. I’ve had a few of them and traded them all off except for this one. I’ve been holding onto it because it was the first one from the very first release. Unfortunately, I’m just not playing it. So I figured I’d let it go to someone who might enjoy it more. It’s got a couple prickles on one half, again, from my keys. I really need to quit doing that! - there’s also some ano rub on the inner hub, nothing effects play.

One Drop: 54 | Cosmos / Galaxy - Custom Painted |-|Price: $125 (shipped)

This one is a wild one. Standard One Drop 54 modded out big time with a custom paint job and custom colorized bearing. This 54 plays super smooth and looks (imo) just as awesome as it plays.

I custom painted this 54 in a cosmic / space theme last year. I used auto-grade paint and metal flake. The color is faded from black to a steel smoky grey. The pearl and flakes are purple, blue, bronze and white pearl. It shimmers all kinds of funky shades under the light. Kind of hard to get good photos of it but I tried my best. If you’d like a video of it, I can post one. Aside from the paint, I also colorized the bearing to match the overall space-theme.

It’s been super fun to play with but would like to move onto something else. I tried to price it fairly. I’m not sure what it’d be worth to someone else. I’m going off of what other folks have sold custom pieces for in the past. If you have a better idea of what it’s worth, please by all means shoot me an offer.

Includes the box & matching stand.


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Galaxy 54 Pending

Deal fell through. Prices adjusted.

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Samsung buds = gone :+1:

see first post


:muscle:sunglasses :sunglasses: sunglasses :+1:

bumblebee tuna

Code 2 = Gone!

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prices lowered for memorial day weekend! – Always open to offers!

Fixed an error… Prices reduced for real this time LOL!

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Friday = Pizza night baby!

phew it’s getting warm out

54 price reduced.

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I’m literally drooling over that 54! I have been trying to get my hands on an M1, Code, or Dingo and have not seen any with as stellar a finish as that. I’d love to snag it, but the $137 price point isn’t in the cards right now. Maybe you could just hide it from the world for a month? :joy: Seriously gorgeous finish, well done!

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Oh man that’s for the kind words I really appreciate it! I’m always up for offers and trades or trades+cash or anything at all really.

My collection is pretty modest compared to a lot of what I’ve seen on this forum. For the most part, the ones I have retailed for under $100. I have three kids, who suddenly develop a NEED to throw when I start playing. They’re a little older now, so it’s a lot easier for me to designate the “I don’t love you enough to share” ones :joy:

For real though, it’s an amazing finish! The ones I’ve seen for sale are usually heavily used, and either brown or navy blue. Not my favorite, but I wouldn’t feel like I needed to baby it like my OD Cascade—though she and I are having an argument right now.

I have a question about the bearing, just pure curiosity: with the auto-grade paint on it, does it run smoother? Maybe it’s a silly question, but in my head it seems like that would almost remove the friction steel on steel or steel on aluminum has. Making thin lube less necessary.

…I do have some tech I could part with, if that’s something you’d be open to…?