FS/FT: Custom 6 yo-yo case!

For sale or Trade:

Custom 6 yo-yo case with strap. Protect your throws while traveling!
$25 shipped

Trades list wanted:
Speedmaker + Kickside
Speedmaker + speedmaker
kickside + kickside
Offer me something. Anything. We’ll see if I want it or not!

send me an email at ngohuyq@gmail.com, PM is fine but may take time for me to reply.

Took off my phone number because some immature kid with an asian accent called me from 11-12PM trying to prank call me with the old Arnold Swharznegger soundboard gag. Thanks for ruining an experience.

Bump - Shoot me an offer! Worst I can do is say no. :slight_smile:

Bump with added trades list.

GOD im so tempted…

What’s stopping you?! :wink: There’s only one of these in the world and it’s soooo cheap even for trades!

Hmmm… Someone just called me from a blocked number asking about this case… I think you got cut off somehow before I could get your user name. Let me know if yer still interested.

I didnt call :o. im more of a mabye