FS/FT: Crucial, Rec Rev, VsNyyc and more!!!

VsNyyc Flying Hut- couple small dings, no vibe, has a center track. Really would like a Sasquatch but if you want to offer me a peak, canvas or chief thats cool. Lol…

Crucial Jirorian- a couple very small marks and has some bumps in the hub on the gold side. Plays fine $50

Crucial Half and Half- hardly played, mint $50

Hspin Pyro light- MIB $50

Rec Rev SCLB- mint $50

ILYY Liopleurodon- has some damage but is one of the smoothest yoyos I own $50

Sasquatch (will trade big for a John Bot)
Chief… lol
Peak… lol
Canvas… lol
Super G