FS/FT CLYW, SPYY, and more! (peak and avalanche)


My WANTS list:

  1. Any CLYW (No campfires) ***Cheif would possibly get you 2 yoyos.
  2. Skywalker.
  3. Dietz.
  4. CODE1
  5. CODE2***
  6. $$$$$
  7. OFFERS! The worst I could say is No. So offer anything.

All of these are FT or FS. Offer!(:

  1. CLYW Avalanche- Unengraved Bushmen edition. Minor damage. (Few small scratches) VERY SMOOTH!
  2. CLYW Peak- Electric Circus edition. Painted by Brett Grimes. Small Damage (Under the paint)
  3. YYF C13- Black w/ black splash (B-grade) Some scuffs and scratches, but not bad. Fairly Smooth
  4. SPYY Stryker- Half Black w/ silver splash, half silver w/ black splash. VERY near mint. Smoothest SPYY I have ever thrown.
  5. Duncan Raptor- Purple. MINT. Very good throw. Smooth. (No caps)
  6. Duncan FHZ- Modded (Unresponsive) Gray w/ white caps. Signed by Jensen Kimmit.
  7. YYF 2010 Severe- Purple acid wash. Near mint. Few scuffs and a pinprick. Ridiculously Smooth
  8. YYJ PHENOM- Blue. Near mint. Scratches on inside of one of the caps. Smooth.
  9. VNYYC Battosai- Works edition. MINT.
  10. YYF Superstar- Purple flame edition. Few dings and scuffs but not bad.
  11. SPYY Pro- Red w/ pink acid wash. MINT. Pretty smooth.
  12. Foxland Precision Thunderwasp- Blue w/ white rings. Medium size bearing. MINT
    13 YYF Counter Attack- Clear w/ blue rings. A little less vibe than most counter attacks. Factory marks.

The pro, avalanche, peak and battosai are GONE!




Can you respond to my pm’s?


I want that severe


I believe this is a necro?


not only is this a necro, but this guy is a scammer.


Alright thanks man