FS/FT: BBYY Tata Twister $85, see wants list for trades


SPYY Punchline Pre-Release.  Near Mint, one mark in the finish.  With box.  I’m not dying to get rid of it, but interested in what I possibly could trade it for. TRADED

BBYY TT, urban camo edition, near mint.  Veeeeery nice looking.  $85 Shipped.

More Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31020109@N04/sets/72157621944900799/

Interested in:
One Drop Sovereign (will add)
Vendetta anodized Bassalope (The Black/Grey acid wash with bright blue splash)
2nd Run 28 Stories Peak
Wooly Marmot, 28 Stories, or Silver with clear/purple splash
Black/Purple 5-star v2
Wounded Steel GM2
Yellow Gold Rim-Dipped Skyline (maybe)
Anti-Yo Bapezilla  (not beat to crap please)
Stardust v2 (maybe)
Gunmetal Leviathan (maybe)
Project 2
SPYY Skyychaser (orange “C” bearing only)
YYF Boss 
Or offer away!

Please PM me.


added the BBYY Tata Twister


very interested in that punch line, what to trade?


very interested. pmed. get back to me! ;D thanks

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didi u check your inbox


punchline traded

still taking offers on the TT!

(yO!JaYxDsJ) #7

Mint gold P2 for BBYY TT?


Pm’d you on the p2

(system) #9