FS/FT 07' YYF 888 GONE


I have an aqua A-grade/non B-grade 2007 original yyf 888 white/black hub stacks… looking to sell or trade make some offers you pay shipping… has some scratches as shown in pictures, also has sanded rims from when I bought it outer rim can be sanded further and scratches can be removed something iv thought of doing myself and have the material to do so! If anyone doesn’t know how or doesn’t have the materials to. Still very smooth, No vibe!

will take damaged trades!!!
Looking For: (x1) Al Dream, Shutter, Czech Point, Aviator2, Orbis, Urban, Tusk, ect
(x2) Replay Pro, Boss, Skyva, Yeti, FHZ Pro, Protostar, ect

Make some offers, Open to any!!!:smiley:


(system) #10