FS: FLASH SALE 8+ Throws for $99, $225+ Regular Cost

Hey folks. Need to offload a bunch of my throws so selling almost all of them. Need them gone!

$10 shipping flat. Ill include a free pack of string I didn’t want with each shipment.

10% off for EACH extra yoyo you get up to 50%. Buy 5 yoyos, get 50% off of all of them.


(Image includes a bunch of throws I’ve already sold, not all these are included for $99, just the ones listed below. None of the G2s or Motions are available except for a G2 Council in a comment below.)

All throws are mint and vibe free unless specified. I do not have any boxes.

Gravitation 7 - $15

Iceberg (new) Blue Rims - $35 - Mint

Luftverk Hybrid Fulvia - $25

MagicYoyo Z03 Redemption Rare Colorway - $30 - Slight Vibe

YYF Switchblade - $35 $20

YYF Popstar Mirror Polished - $20

2014ish Mint YYF MVP (Blue/Black) - $60 OBO

MagicYoyo M002 April - $20

Take them ALL for $99 Shipped + Free Pack of String

Shoot me a message for better pics! Cheers!

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Dang that parallel sold in minutes

Not even the maker couldn’t get one for himself haha :laughing:
You need to make more :face_holding_back_tears:


Got the message literally 30 seconds after posting. It’s a gorgeous throw! Just not quite what I like- little too light for my preference

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Bump, still have all the G2s!

Bump, lowered prices and listed some new throws including some cool old school throws

Bump! Still have the G2s!

Bump - Get everything I have left for $99! $220+ regular cost.

Wow, deals to be had here. No wonder they’re going quick. If I wasn’t saving up for one currently, I’d be snagging a couple of these.

Did 22 go?

What’s 22? Everything on the listing is still available currently.

Cheers! I may have spent way too much money on yoyos getting into the hobby so I’m just trying to unload them quick haha

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Bump! I also have a G2 Council I’m selling for $140, I can’t discount it by 50% like the rest of the throws in this post but we can work out a big discount if you buy multiple throws with it :slight_smile:

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