FS - E1NS, Tres Leches

Updated - cleaned up listing. If it’s not listed, then it’s sold.

Cat ended up in the emergency recently…he’s all good now, but not so much my wallet! Selling to makeup for what insurance didn’t cover.

UPDATED - Only E1NS and Tres Leches left. Thank you all for the support!

Update: note - if I mark something pending but don’t hear back within 48hrs, I will remove the pending label and assume that you are no longer interested. Just want to keep it fair for those who are serious.

$5 shipping, free with multiple orders (continental US only). I will insure anything over $200.
International - covered by buyer

Top row:
E1Ns (original candodized run, some deep nicks from previous owner but plays nice) - $80

2nd Row
Crucial Tres Leches - old, old-ish bearing, good shape overall - $40


Hi all -

Thanks for the messages and interest over the weekend. Just giving everyone a heads up that I’ll be slow to respond today because I’m back at work until the evening. I’ll respond to messages as best I can in order. Thanks for your patience!

Bump- first shipments are out.

Appreciate everyone’s patience with my responses. Been a busy week at work but should be more responsive this weekend.

Happy Friday!

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Bump - prices lowered



I’ll buy the Kuntosh

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Bump - 2 left. Thanks all for the support :slight_smile: