FS: Destash! Part Deux - Titanium rares, RSO, One Drop, Atmos, many more

ConUS shipping only preferred, but feel free to ask. Priced as shipped with g&s included, f&f always appreciated. My feedback thread

Purchases over $50 are shipped insured. Buy 2 throws and save $5.

NQP = “Not Quite Perfect” by One Drop as a b-grade, plays smooth but might have ano issues

Non-smoking home, no pets. Feel free to ask for more pics or details on throws before purchase.

*Photos down below, will keep top list up to date.

:white_check_mark: = Available, :x: = sold, :hourglass_flowing_sand: = pending

status brand name color condition price
:white_check_mark: Augment Design (Thesis) Calyx Raw NMTBS, some marks on rims, no hits, smooth with strap (new), new ep 20.20 string on it $270
:white_check_mark: Thesis Antithesis Black New in box, minor vibe. Sharing the deal to next owner. $150
:white_check_mark: Jake Bullock Ti Dunk Raw NMTBS, Brand new has raw marks on rims (came that way) but so very smooth $270
:white_check_mark: RSO Starship Raw Brand new, unplayed $250
:white_check_mark: Dressel Designs “Mystery Gift” Titanium rim Kanto Snorlax Snorlax Mystery Gift Ti rimmed throw, brand new, small line mark on rim as arrived, A-grade $95
:white_check_mark: ILYY AbysmAL Dinosalat Brand New, deadly smooth. AL 7068-T6. 57mm x43mm x4mm; 62.4g, C bearing, 19mm pad - 1 of 23 $75
:white_check_mark: MOWL Q YYE Red / Black Like New, NMTBS, barely thrown $55
:white_check_mark: YoyoFriends Vulture Lazuli Blue with Bead Blasting SS Rings New, A-grade mystery box item, very smooth $70
:white_check_mark: Damian Puckett Wingweaver Silver with black Brand new, b-grade $55
:white_check_mark: Atmos Thunderberry Indigo Dusk Mint throw, cloth bag seem ripped $70
:white_check_mark: Atmos Fruitloop Bubblegum Pink NMTBS but is Brand new in box that arrived with slightly squished - throw undamaged $70
:white_check_mark: One Drop Top Deck Green / Black Half Swap, second owner, some small ano pin pricks, no box $90 obo
:white_check_mark: One Drop Panorama Raspberry Brand New, A grade, not NQP $50
:white_check_mark: One Drop Free Solo Orange NMTBS, Not NQP $40
:white_check_mark: One Drop Thorn Green Brand New, A-grade, Not NQP $50
:white_check_mark: One Drop Fat Tire Clear NQP, Brand New $45
:white_check_mark: One Drop Terrarian Green NQP, Brand New $45
:white_check_mark: One Drop Panorama Blue/Green Half Swap NQP NQP, Brand New $45
:white_check_mark: One Drop Panorama Black Brand New, A-grade, not NQP $50
:white_check_mark: One Drop Intro Nearly Nagel NQP, Brand New $45

Augment Design (Thesis) - Calyx

Thesis - AnTithesis

Jake Bullock - Ti Dunk

RSO Starship

Dressel Designs - Mystery Gift Titanium rim Kanto Snorlax

ILYY AbysmAL (Dinosalat)

Mowl Q

YoyoFriends Vulture (both sides)

Damian Puckett - Wingweaver

Atmos Thunderberry

Atmos - Fruitloop

One Drop Top Deck (Green/Black)

One Drop Panorama - Raspberry

One Drop - Free Solo (Orange)

One Drop - Thorn (Green, not NQP)

One Drop - Fat Tire (Clear, NQP - no visible reason why)

One Drop - Terrarian (Green, NQP)

One Drop - Blue/Green Half Swap NQP

One Drop - Panorama (Black - New, not NQP, just box dust in pic)

One Drop - Intro (Nearly Nagel | NQP)


@SammyCaboose Derti for sale


What would I have to make you to get a shot at that Dunk Ti? I also have an UNknown RBC NIB.



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Bump for some fire here and a great guy as well!

Bumping that calyx, it’s been a favorite of mine since day 1, such a solid design and throw.


Ill take the Kanto


Pm sent. Free bump.


Pm sent

Whats NQP? Not Quite Perfect?

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As at top of post:

It’s One Drop’s version of a factory second usually due to ano issues or small machining marks in some cases. Doesn’t affect play or performance, purely aesthetics - In many instances I prefer my NQP throws over A grade throws.

One Drop’s in-house machining is top-notch so it’s just about how it looks.

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FYI seller is great, fast shipping and overall cool dude. Highly recommend if you’re interested in something here