FS: Copper Pot AC, 1/4 Marmot, Flying Hut, MMN, 888x

hey YYE! I have retired from the forums but still throw a bit, but I really only need one yoyo. right now these are FOR SALE ONLY unless you have a peak, or a ridiculous offer.
here are the yoyos!

-not mint in box CLYW Copper Pot AC. marks all around, still perfect on the string.

-MIB VS.NYYC Pre-Pro Flying Hut. Tuned Smooth… my favorite yoyo.
hut by RyderRogers, on Flickr

-MIB High Speed Yoyo Edition Wooly Marmot- 1/4, gorgeous, OMG SMOOTH

-MIB 1drop Markmont Next. SMOOTH. custom spiked axle. polished. the best MMN there is. offer accordingly.
mn1 by RyderRogers, on Flickr
MN! by RyderRogers, on Flickr

-MIB 888, awesome yoyo! oxy smooth. forreal.
888x by RyderRogers, on Flickr

-Mint modded FHZ. No Box, shouldn’t be hard to get one though. Recessed by the retired modder MadCow. clear. weight ringed. Centertrak bearing. pink special yyn caps! this. is. sick.
dymam by RyderRogers, on Flickr
fhzswahhhhg by RyderRogers, on Flickr

-Nicaragua Java. Straight off the shores of well… Nicaragua. Never thrown. It’s pretty cool I guess.
nica by RyderRogers, on Flickr

-Mint WORLD yoyos. Never thrown, pair. Also pretty cool I guess.
world1 by RyderRogers, on Flickr
world2 by RyderRogers, on Flickr

-Homemade counterweights. The dice is okay, the bouncey ball is flashy (dual-tone blue-pink), and the clay is legit. perfect weight and cool.
counterweights by RyderRogers, on Flickr