Fs: cool yoyos (new/old yyr, yyf gm2, tp, etc.)


funding some projects :slightly_smiling_face:
no trades unless you have old yyr, japan technology, or stellar ix

prices include shipping within the US, add for intl. payment via f&f or buyer adds fees for g&s. add-on prices do not stack, but bundles are more than welcome.

from top to bottom, left to right -

recess first base (keiran cooper) - gone

recess first base (daniel flaherty) - gone

recess first base (kazuki mori) - gone

sf plstc - gone

turning point msg - gone

one drop virtuoso prototype - gone

unprld reduction - gone

stardust deja vu - gone

yoyorecreation inevitable (yuu fujita edition) - smooth, mint/nearmint - $135

yoyorecreation syfo - gone

yoyorecreation stargazer - gone

yoyorecreation triad (old version) - gone

yoyofactory 2012 genesis (red splash) - gone

yoyofactory 2012 genesis (blue splash) - gone

yoyofactory grind machine 2 - sold to friend


that was quick… only have yuu edition inevitable left, $130 shipped.

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