im looking to sell my 2nd run alex berengul peak, its mint and plays super smooth… i was looking to get around 140 for it but not 100% sure . Offer…

offer first, i dont really wanna determine a price range…

Im almost positive its a second run Alex Berengul (excuse my spelling ;)) peak.

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its one of the peaks that had a bigger numbers of yoyos in the particular run

For run it depends but for edition, um… Look at it?

like how can you find out the run on an avalanche?

What’s so wrong about selling?

for everyone who keep asking me, i will most likely not trade…i want to only sell…

wait so you are trading?

Do you have a price yet? I don’t want to assume and tell my parents.

would you maybe do a phenomizm

i was looking for around 130 ish?? obo

will you take a G5 2010 with no Z stacks with a few scratches and a dent with $35?


Then please move it to the archive.