FS: CLYW Hoodie Size Medium, YoyoJam Merry Xmas Bundle


I am selling these gems. Selling only, paypal preferred.

Need gone soon, raising money for post-graduation.


  • CLYW Medium Size Hoodie. Great condition. American Apparel.

  • YoyoJam Merry Christmas Yo-yo Bundle
    . These are the yo-yos sent out to team members of Team YoyoJam as Christmas gifts. I have multiple of each and am wanting to pass these on to someone who can appreciate them as well.
    . Includes:
    -1 Speedmaker

  • 1 Big Ben

  • 2 Glitter Sparkle Journeys

  • 1 Lyn Fury

Please send me a PM or an email at johnnarum@gmail.com with any questions or offers.


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