FS: CLYW, CoreCo, Circle City, General Yo, One Drop, Unparalled, etc

Dropping a few things that maybe someone will get some use out of. Prices include shipping in CONUS.
Please include fees if paying goods and services.

1st row:
CLYW Manatee Black Bip Bop Mint - SOLD
CLYW Manatee Black Bip Bop Mint (fools gold) - SOLD
CLYW Manatee Solid Black Mint - SOLD
CoreCo Parser Black Mint - SOLD

2nd row:
General Yo Prophet Blue/Silver half swap Mint - $65
Circle City Hero Blue Mint - $30 pending
YoYoCo Savage Blue Swirl Mint - SOLD
David McEvoy Either Mint - SOLD

3rd row:
YYF Turntable Raw no dings - $45
CLYW Peak 2 Confetti Canon Mint (FG) - $60 PENDING
Unparalleled FlashBack Purple Fade Mint - $65
One Drop MMC Purple Mint (latest run) - SOLD

4th row:
One Drop Vanguard Clear 2 dings - SOLD
One Drop Vanguard Red Mint - $40
YYF Edge Red/Blue Mint - $65
Damian Pucketts Mononoke Mint $70

Add on’s for $10 each (or $17 if buying separately)
YYF DV 888 Mint all colors Mint
CLYW Big Dipper Green Mint PENDING
CLYW Big Dipper Purple/Tan NM SOLD
YYF Metal Replay Red Mint
YYF Relay Yellow Mint
YYF Proton 2 Dings
YYF Pivot Red 2 Dings SOLD
YYF Pivot Blue 2 Dings SOLD
YYF Genesis B-grade with small ding SOLD
Skyva Brown Fade Mint
Unparalleled Reduction Blue Mint SOLD


Finally some BBB…Pm sent

Hey Alonzo man…I’d really like that CC Hero bi-metal buddy? Can you just hang-on to it for me? Maybe?
Thank you brother,



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