FS: CLYW Canvas, Adegle PSG, YYF Loop 900's

My first BST. I’m planning on building a computer for myself so I need some money. So why not sell some yoyos that I don’t use too often. All prices are negotiable, PM or email if interested. :slight_smile: I prefer to ship U.S. If international the price would go up for shipping.

Money( Pay-Pal)

Canvas is gone

First (and probably least)Yoyofactory JK $10 shipped
Has some scratches and one ding. Scratches are not to visible but the ding is pictured.

Loop 900’s Shaqler Edition $30 shipped.
Pretty much new, I used them about 5 times ever(im not good at 2A). only mark are the mold injection marks that came on them.

Adegle PSG $15 shipped
Green. Used a couple times for 5a falls not at all serious. Marks are not visible but scuffs can be felt a little.

Last but not least

CLYW Canvas Gone

Red. First run Dingkface Edition I belive that is mint, i cant find ant damage on it.