FS: CLYW Canvas 1st run unengraved, CLYW Sasquatch 1st run team edition and more


Only for sale. Send me pm if you’re interested. If i’m not online send me msg to my email (jawstick@me.com).

  • 15$-20$ for shipping, y’know

Canvas has some scratches, no vibe - 100$

Sasquatch has some scratches and several dings, no vibe - 90$

UPD: CLYW Gnarwal
Near mint in box! Only one very little mark — 90$



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Bump! Only this weekend and next week: shipping worldwide for 10$! Hurry up!


Bump! UPD: if you get Sasquatch and Gnarwal I’ll give you one free near mint Dietz (smooth).


Bump! Gnarwal + Sasquatch + Dietz - 170$ shipped!


Canvas for 110 shipped
Sasquatch for 90 shipped
Gnarwal has gone

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