FS: C3 Solar,Loop 900s, Raptor.

Hey guys I need some money for upcoming stuff so I decided to put this back up with some new stuff!

C3 Solar Offstring Silver hub:
Barely used. Has maybe 1-2 scuffs on it that are semi noticeable (play over carpet but it hit a wall once)
72 shipped

Next we have a Duncan Raptor purple, Good amount of damage on this baby.(worst shown)
She’s loved and I hope someone will give her a good home.
Looking for 25 shipped for this.

Loop 900 Pair Not much to say here.
40 Shipped for pair.

Only looking for paypal.

8/9 Please don’t post in my thread. If you do I wont work with you. Simple as that.

i will trade yyf north star for raptor

c3 is awesome throw

oh snap. logan, is this you? never knew you were exazrael (if ur not logan… uhh free bump?) xD

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