FS C3 Sceptre

Hi guys,
I’m trying to sell some yoyos I don’t play anymore. I live in the UK so it’ll be international shipping - there are several rates depending on what you want. I’m new here but have feedback under the same name on a UK yoyo forum.
Photos of the yoyos are here - http://bit.ly/1aczYyO

C3 Sceptre - a couple of tiny dings and some light scratches on the cups - $50

YYR Mr Butcher - mint - $120

[s]ILYY E1NS - 1 tiny white mark - £30

ILYY Sakura Pearl - some light marks - £25

ILYY Liopleurodon - 2 scratches near the response - £30[/s]

Please pm if you’ve got any questions and thanks for looking!