FS: Bunch of OLD stuff for sale. ReGen and Protostar!


Recreated my account since a lot has changed in the online community. I previously had +20 100% rating on another board. Trying to get back into throwing, and want to reduce my collection for minimalism.

I stopped in 2010, so everything I have predates that except for the prostar, regen, and kendama.

Please look around and express interest!
Everything is open to offers

2x NIB Gravitsky Protostar $25 each
2x New Pre-release ReGen $30 each
1x New Catchy Air Kendamas $7 each

Take a Protostar, ReGen, and Catchy Air together for $43 shipped!

Madhouse ‘5150’ $66
Also Custom anodized. Oh so smooth

YYF ‘California’ $15
I tried super gluing one of the axles and messed up. Now its imbalanced.
Do what you please with it. Should be smooth when fixed.

YYF School Bus Yellow Plastic Grindmachine $20
(Stuck with Dif-E-Yo Concave Bearing)

YYF Gold-Colored ‘Superstar’ $40
Pre-2013 version. Some wears in the color, scratches, and dings.

Another pic: http://i.imgur.com/l1kmhga.jpg

YYF Military Green Hard-Coated ‘DV888’ $36
It pretty much doesn’t get scratched at all.

All yoyos open to offers.

shipping costs $ 2 within USA



Are the Altoids for sale?

EDIT: I thought your title said “Bunch of throws! Added 5150 pics!” :smiley:



The Altoids are cMoyBB amps, but no altoids :(. I do have an extra one I’m trying to sell, so yes they are on sale.


What do you want for the draupnir?


message sent


anyone getting rid of HGs? :smiley:

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