FS B grade superwide, FH0/ LF: duncan Dice!

Only accept paypal (prefer personal transaction, i have about 35 total rep if you add other two forums)

(click picture for album with more pictures)

B grade SuperWIDE Has one anno flaw per side (reason for B grade) 30 shipped. Surprisingly smooth
NYYA edition FH0. Crack on the fh0 cap side. Silicone recessed. 20 shipped.
1/5 Red/black Hatrick unengraved. GONE
Rainbow Rec rev mangaroo.GONE
Undeniable Genesis. Has lots of marks from 5A 40 shipped with konkave. GONE

Buy more than one and i’ll add a discount in there.

Looking for Duncan Dice.
Especially the Hyper Dice (don’t care about clear but the colored Translucent ones I really want)
If you have enough I’d trade dice for yoyos. haha

I also have a orange Takeshi Cw bearing I’d trade for 2 duncan dice or a hyper dice.

Any color will do for regular duncan dice. :smiley:

Don’t want your home-made dice, or any other dice. I only want the duncan ones without Faces.