FS. Antithesis.SOLD

Prices shipped CONUS.

FS-Blasted metavity 210 no case. Near mint SOLD

Cascade 60. Some light scuffing around it. SOLD

Yjyoyo timeslip. 15$ add on (pin pricks in catch zone) SOLD

Antithesis. NM 240$ SOLD

Dm for any questions or additional pics if you are interested. Thanks!


Not that I have the money for another titanium at the moment, but I’ve been curious about the metavity, how would you describe the way it plays?

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It has a powerful spin. Plays great and has a great loud ti sound to it. I’m not the best at describing how things play sometimes. But it’s a fantastic yoyo I just prefer smaller stuff.


Bump. Prices are negotiable and I offer big discounts on bundling ie. If u want them all.

Some price drops and I added the Antithesis.

I was back and forth for a while on keeping it cause it’s an awesome yoyo but I think I know what my staples are and I’m rehoming this one.


Final price drop. But I’ll do both ti for 410 shipped if u want.

Priced to move. Had to renew some licenses and registrations all around the same time so I’m trying to recover that as soon as I can. Thanks!

All sold.

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