FS: A-RT, YYF, General-Yo and more

Hello everyone!

I am mainly looking to sell everything and not very interested in trades. I know some of the items may be priced a bit high but that’s either due to the amount of time I spent tracking them down or just due to a bit of sentimental value (I am fine if they don’t sell). The only throws I am trading for is a SLCK-YWET or a THE END. I also may be down to cut some deals if you get more than one. (Some things are OBO so don’t hesitate to PM me and we can work out a deal!)

Thank you!


5 star- Og $175 (Damage shown)

5 star (2nd release) - “German” Edition (Light Green / Purple - 20 made) $150 (damage shown)


Furn - Silver $175


Pure - Red Star $OLD

Spyy Belt Buckle- $360 Mint


Vanguard - Nickle Plated $85 (MINT)

Overture - Purple $70 (MIB)

Anti-Yo:(Please don’t gripe at price. I am aware the prices are high; it’s just what it takes for me to part with these.)

Viszilla- couple nicks $600

Ywet- Mint $550

Fluchs- Mint $650

Business-Mint $350


44 Special -$120 (MIB)

401k- Yukki Spencer edition $300 (MIB with all the parts)

Sabotage G5 - $200 MIB (with top tips)

Skyline Large bearing - B-Grade $40 (Ano Flaw)

Skyline Small bearing - Blasted by YYF anodized black by me $100(NM)(comes with rice stacks) (Custom Hyper-cube stacks $15 [2x sets available])

(photo coming soon)
888-Stainless Steel $160

CzechPoint Pivot - Ann Connolly edition $35 (MIB)

PopStar - 2010 WYYC Edition $50 (Mint)


Puffin - Blizzard $sold


Bape yoyo- $160 (MIB)

Werrd- TFL88 Groovy Lady $100 (MIB)

Broken yoyo- Plug in 3- $130 (MIB)

Duncan - Wide Runner $35 (MIB)

Doc Popular Bolt 2 - Blue (MIB) $70

Adegle - Glaze (Mint) $40

x-yo- X caliber $95 (MIB)

Showgirl- (MIB) $50

Recess - First base (Tie-dye ) $15 (MIB) Orange (Sold)


Good gravy I want those Born Crucials. I blew my hobby budget for the next few weeks on stupid metal yoyos…

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Thanks much … inquired about the business :slight_smile:

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I just wanna say that blast on the Viszilla looks incredible.

Don’t know anything about the yoyo. But the blasssst…


I think he was saying the colorway is “blizzard”

PMd about pure!

hello, where are the yoyos?