Freehand Zero Recessed



I have an FHZ. I was looking to get it recessed.

I’m not sure if I should get it single or double recessed.

What do you think?


Single recess with schmoove ring. It’s basically you cut a silicone recess, but then leave the rest of the sticker gap alone.

Get both sides silicone recessed with schmoove rings.


I’m not interested in schmoove rings.

Only single or double sticker recess.


Do both, you can run one of the recesses empty, or put a sticker in each. Mght as well have the option.


I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.


It’s already sticker recessed.

You want to silicone recess each side. You’ll end up with a schmoove ring whether you like it or not.


The Freehand Zero is NOT sticker recessed out of the box.

I’m getting a Silicone recess and sticker lip removal from Mrcnja for 15 dollars.


Right. No sense in getting a sticker lip removal from something that isn’t sticker recessed.

Check your specs here:

Sticker recessed.


Do you have an FHZ?

They aren’t recessed, that is a Lip that is there to help center the pad when you put it on.

That picture doesn’t show that it is just a lip there. Not recessed. In fact, that little lip can be sanded away easily.

Please tell me you’ve tried an FHZ in real life?


The new Freehand 2 is sticker recessed, but can be turned down and silicone recessed.

The Freakhand is sticker recessed, but can be turned down and silicone recessed.

The Freehand Zero is not recessed for any response, but has a lip for locating response stickers and can be recessed for silicone or response stickers.


Got 4 of them. Photos on my Facebook page. Have fun finding it. Or don’t. Whatever. I don’t care one way or another.

Talked to Duncan quite some time ago. They said, in their OWN WORDS:

They are sticker recessed.

I brought it up while discussing a problem with a Metropolis eating strings.


Lol! That is NOT a recess, Studio! Duncan mis-spoke if they called it one.

OP, I said you should get a dual recess. You dont have to put anything in one of them if you don’t want, but the option is nice.


Actually, the Light Up Freehand Zeros are the ones with pad recesses, I’m not sure about the FHZs now, but they weren’t recessed before.


OK, so I sit corrected.

Maybe they need to better train their people.


Only the Light up and Freehand 2’s are recessed.

I have a Duncan FHZ and it is not recessed.

It is a Glitter Green on like this:


You would have thought they would have updated the FHZ by now with a sticker recess though :smiley: It would be cool if duncan came out with a FHZ witha C bearing and sticker recess.


Duncan Flipside

(2Sick Joey) #18

Not the same thing


I know…

But it’s similar.

If you wanted an FHZ with C bearing and recess you’d need an SPR kit for it.