Frank's BST

Hey peeps I’m back from the dead and I have some stuff up for sale or trade. Send me a message if you see something you like and we can work out a deal. Prices are not set in stone we can negotiate something out.
NOTE: I ship out with priority mail and I expect you to do the same if we trade
If you are buying please help me half ways and add $3 for shipping.
-Super G!
-Genesis (2011 and 2012 versions only)
-Supernova (any version I’m not to picky)
-RockStar 2012

  • Any Clyw’s
    -Code 2’s

Don’t want:
-Duncans (Raptor and echo are exceptions)
-Yo Mega’s
-Undersized throws

Alright on to the throws

First my Loop 900’s Made in US version. Comes with the tuning key. Great looping yoyos
$35 for the pair

OD Mark Mont Next. I don’t know if there is anything special about this one because the cup is painted black in the inside. Has a few marks and a minor ding nothing big. Plays really good and comes with all the stock stuff from OD.

YYJ White New Breed. Has a few marks on the rims. Plays like any other bi-metal nothing else to say

YYJ Phenom. Half blue and half red. Has scratches on the rims but no dings. Plays great, smooth, and fast. Comes with CT bearing.

YYF Severe. Green blue acid wash. Has a lot of marks and scratches on the rims. Still plays great and smooth and its my #1. Worst damage is shown on pic

That’s it so if you see something offer up!


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