Found a box of factory sealed Yomega X-brains, value?

I went to the 127 Corridor sale last week and came across a sale that had a box full of Yomega X-brains and 2 brains. I was surprised to see them all still in their original factory package and also unopened. I played with these all the time when I was a kid. The man sold the box to me for $10 which I felt was a great deal. Does anyone know what these are worth or what I could get for the whole lot?

I forgot to mention these are the original 1999 released ones going by the dates printed on the packages. I think there were more newer version brains released later on, right? I could be wrong.

This is my personal opinion as a general yoyo player and not a collector. I don’t think you could get any more then what they retail for currently. Brains are pretty common to find I think. You definitely got a good deal though! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know they were still being made. Given how much yo-yoing has changed since the X-brain was released I figured no one would be interested in the older kind except for collecting. What are they retailing for?

I could easily be wrong… I would look around on Google to find an answer if I were you.

Hmm… I tried looking for them on eBay and there are some Yomega brains on there but I can’t tell if they are the original classic models or something newer. I don’t even know if it matters concerning collectors. I would think it would. What I do know is that these that I have are the original brains with “Bandai 1999” printed on the yo-yo. I do want to sell them but I want to know what they are worth before putting them on eBay.

These aren’t really sought after even for collectors as far as I know so I agree with whotheman that you likely won’t get more than you paid for them if even that

I got them all for less than a dollar each. The box was full of these and also had a few other old still in factory package yo-yos as well. I got the whole box for $10. I see Yomega X-brains on eBay for $10-15 and even saw one selling them for $35 each. If even I sell them for $10 each (which I think they are probably worth a little more) I still come out making $90 more than what I paid for them.

I had some originals that were sealed in the package, the most I ever got for one was $5 + shipping, that was last year.

Yomega brains are still good for young beginners who have a hard time making the yoyo come back, but that’s it for the market. No one else wants them. My guess is that you can probably sell them for $3 each, maybe $5 tops. So you can probably make $25 - $40 profit. But to get that you’ve got to dink around with e-bay, and buyers, and shipping all the yoyo’s out. So your going to have to put work into it to get that profit, unless you are able to sell them all at once to someone.

you mentioned that you see them selling for 10 -15, but anyone can put any price they want on their stuff, it doesn’t mean that’s the price they are actually selling for.

Some of the auctions had sold a few for those amounts just to clarify.

Also for me personally since these were such a nostalgic thing for me when I was a kid and having so many good memories with 1990’s yo-yos I personally if I had only randomly saw 1 of these at a yard sale, flea market or other sale event I would pay probably upwards of $10 for it out of package but if it were sealed I’d probably be willing to spend $10 or more if I felt like starting a collection. If I wanted it just for the sake of having it then I’d spend a few dollars less. Either way, it still would interest me for nostalgic purposes. Now that is just me personally based upon my childhood experience with them. I imagine there are many people out there that feel the same. Since I found this many in one box I want to sell most of them but maybe keep 1 if I do decide to start say a 90’s collection of yo-yos. I’ll list them on eBay together and see what happens. If even I only end up making $20 for all 11 of these and the buyer pays shipping I still didn’t lose any money and made a couple bucks. I do imagine there are people out there that would love to have a 1999 X-brain in original package for their collection.

They are more valuable if you put them in the hands of kids and teach them some tricks than if you spend a lot of time and effort to sell them on eBay for $3-$4 profit each.


I would concur with Steve. I believe I still have a number of unopened Duncan Ballistics that I keep to give away to kids. I paid $1 each for them a long time ago. Not really worth the effort to sale.

Oh, wow, those are the Hyper Yo-Yo version X-Brains! ;D

What does that mean?

Well the auction just ended and they sold for $50. I only paid $10 so after eBay fees I made $35 profit. Not bad but I hoped to make more. I’m glad they sold though and I made a little profit from them. Going by what people have said here though I shouldn’t have made this much from them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just out of curiosity do you yoyo or plan to get into yoyoing? Or did you make an account on here just to ask how much you can make off of those? Either way, congrats on making $35.

I’ve been playing with yo-yos off and on for over 20 years. They were a very memorable part of my childhood so I’ll always have an interest in them if even just to see what the new throws look or play like or what the professional scene is doing these days. I tried a few different unresponsive throws a few years ago and they are very fun. I don’t have time to really learn the fun stuff with them, but I’ll probably pick up another one just to mess around with. I’m more of a spectator when it comes to yo-yos now.