Forums Feature Request - Collections!

This forum has been a ton of fun over the past few months since I’ve joined! People are generally kind, responsive, respectful, and helpful.

But it feels like something is, well…missing…

I’m a bit of a hobbiest, so I participate in forums across the web pertaining to other interests apart from yoyo, sinful…I know. On some of these other forums, there is a feature I think would be extremely helpful if it could be implemented here:


It’d be a great way to keep track of a personal collection. Make a record of when you bought or sold a certain yoyo, where you got it from and what your investment was. Add photos and general notes. You could set certain properties of each inventory entry to public or private.

This is particularly popular on forums like Pinside (for pinball). Especially since there is a lot of collecting, maintaining, modifying, buying, selling and trading of pinball machines. Sound familiar?

This could also allow the forums to provide a database of known yoyo releases with pertinent information like original msrp, production dates, photographs, and total quantity of the production run(s). Even though indivudals could/would keep second hand sales private, the database could still provide an average second hand value based on these numbers collectively.

I know this would likely be a considerable amount of work for the developers of this forum, but I believe it would be a worthy addition to an already wonderful platform!

What are your thoughts?


Do you have other examples you can share besides Pinside? Particularly any forums that are already running Discourse.

Their forum looks custom coded which would make integrating something like collections easier; to integrate something like that here it would have to be a Discourse plugin, I’m not exactly sure how extensive those can be.

I’ve been wanting to build something similar since I work as a software engineer, though hadn’t considered integrating it with YYE. I track my collection and purchases in a spreadsheet currently since I didn’t want to commit to a database schema right off the bat.


i do this on my own, some parts i keep more detailed (and updated) than others.

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I like this idea a lot! I’ll see what I can do as we are still finishing up a reboot of the main website but maybe once that is done I can think about how to approach this.