For those who haven't seen it:

Featuring the Yoyo Factory Boss.
Filmed and edited by 3x US Champ Miguel Correa.

Nice new video! I’m really lovin’ it Augie! ;D

Sometimes I wonder why you don’t have your own signature 888

They’re a bit hard to find though. 8)

I’ll go ahead and give myself a facepalm.

I have come to like your style more now that I think about it.

It’s all good!
I just found out that pickles were cucumbers! Not that’s a facepalm!
…Yours? Not so much. :smiley:
I di

Augie, Your Da Best.

like i said on the youtube video (before it got deleted by yyf)

GREAT yo-yoing Augie, but I just cant get over the camera work xD

First of all : I like your video very much, awesome tricks in there…

Second (and insanely offtopic, but i could resist :stuck_out_tongue: ) : I could believe cucumbers and pickels are the same so i looked it up.
cucumbers and pickels are only the same in the US…
Or at least according to wikipedia you guys call cucumbers pickels…
To the rest of the world these are 2 different things :
pickels vs cucumbers

Again : great video :stuck_out_tongue: (and awesome signature 888 too :o )

You look so bored
This is like the only time i havent seen you enthusiastic i wonder if i spelled that right

lol, so did I! Facepalm.

Augie I got 2 things too say:

  1. Can I be your Protege’?( ;))

  2. Use a BOSS at nats.

thats all I got.

Yeah, you got to compete more with it. After all, IT IS YOUR SIGNATURE YOYO! :wink:

When the studio is 100 degrees and you’re way tired, it’s real real hard to look sexy on camera. I’m doing my best, but it might not always be 100% of the time. 8)

This is by far your best video yet. Amazing yoyoing.

Btw, I really like the new Boss colors! Very nice! ;D


Thats ok i still love you ;D