For Sale. Yoyo Bags.


Yoyo bags.

Please note that none of the yoyos in the bags come with the bags. They are for reference only. Price on all of the bags includes the shipping to the U.S. only. I prefer paypal.

Here is the first. A yoyo side bag. It will protect 5 throws total with 2 Individually, and has brand new foam inside. $20.

Here is the next. It is a yoyo bag that holds a fair amount of stuff plus 3 throws (or more in the bottom). Please note that there is no foam in this one. It holds the yoyos with elastic bands. It also has zippered pockets inside. $15

Here is the last. It is a small backpack that holds 9 yoyos. The foam is new and there is a front compartment that can hold additional items. Please note that this is a small backpack as shown by the yoyos inside. $20.

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