For Sale or TRADE - Smashing Yoyo Monocle, RainCity Gamer, Luftverk FG Tundra... Want Daytona, Creep



For Sale or TRADE
- Smashing Yoyo Monocle - pink (fade?!) with purple specks… like new with all the goodies
- Rain City Gamer - This is a “Gamer Round 2” Leroy Jenkins colorway… like new with all the original goodies and case! pictures coming soon or upon request!
- Luftverk Tundra (Fools Gold) - green… looks greak and plays smooth for FG

- Liftverk Daytona
- ART Grail
- Anti-Yo
- Parlay (Nickle ONLY)
- Heaven Sent Creep
- YYWS Stuff… Capstan
**- PayPal


Hey there! Is the FG Tundra smooth? I can’t remember if their FG was for anno flaws or vibe?

Anything else on your wants list, or anything else you would consider for trades? I don’t have a grail, but I have a 69.


The FG Tundra is smooth in my opinion and the previous owners opinion… but I always leave that up to each individual.

As for a trade for the Tundra… mainly looking for things of equal value and preferably, titanium. The 69 I maybe interested in for the Monocle?


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You found the raw Katz Meow by Foxland-precision…the G-squared Aftershock…you did see the CLYW Bubblegum Blizzard Gnarwhl 2 pics? Barracuda? Or Barracuda 2 maybe? Also have a Ozone 6 raw!? It’s a V but very rounded rims…

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Hey NoT_ATHROWER… Mainly looking for trade offers. Are you interested in 1 in particular?

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Kinda for the tundra. How Vibey is it?


pm’d you all back :call_me_hand:


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